The Bubble Hour S9E7 Séan McCann and Andrea Aragon

Séan McCann and Andrea Aragon co-wrote their story of marriage and recovery in the memoir, “One Good Reason.” 

Séan McCann rose to fame as a founding member of the multimillion-selling folk group Great Big Sea. For two decades they reigned as Canada’s best-loved party band, but all of that performing and partying allowed Séan’s alcoholism to flourish in plain sight as he drank to cope with the long-buried pain of childhood abuse by a trusted family priest—a secret he kept until 2014 when he shared his truth and began using his music and stage presence as a mental health advocate.

“One Good Reason” includes the parallel narrative of Séan’s wife, Andrea Aragon. Her balancing insights give this memoir extraordinary insights into the nuanced and complex effect of addiction on the family.

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