The Bubble Hour S8E19 Kara’s Story

S8E19 Kara’s Story

Kara epitomized the image of a good girl. She was brought up in a deeply religious family, followed the rules, and helped to care for her younger siblings. She did not drink alcohol until her 21st birthday, and even then it was an innocent experience. After she was married and became a mother, she discovered that a bit of wine helped her get through hard days with little ones and things quickly unravelled.

Resources discussed in this episode:
Educated by Tara Westover
We are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen
But It’s Your Family by Sherrie Campbell

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The Bubble Hour
The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour S8E18 Audrey’s Story

S8E18 Audrey’s Story

Audrey reflects on the effects that her dysfunctional family of origin dynamics have had relative to her slide into a problematic relationship with alcohol and subsequent sobriety.

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The Bubble Hour S8E17 Jill’s Story

The Bubble Hour S8E17 Jill’s Story

Jill spent her life trying to control her sensitive emotions and reactions. The demands of being a military wife and mom added extra pressure, and she found that alcohol helped. After the 911 attacks, her relationship will alcohol escalated, as the aftermath of that day impacted her family. When Jill quit drinking, she learned about the concept of the ‘highly sensitive person’ and understood herself differently.

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The Bubble Hour