The Bubble Hour S9E5 Kelly’s Story

Kelly created a self-image as a party girl that became eventually an uncomfortable way to live. Self-centered partners who also drank problematically appeared one after another. She leaned on others for her self-worth and thought, “if you like me then I’m less broken.” Now she realizes that her biggest relationship problem was with herself.

Today Kelly is standing in her authenticity and learning to love and appreciate herself as a sober woman.

“It’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done for myself.”

“Therapy is like peeling the layers back trying to get to the root issue, because if you don’t get to the root out you’re likely to relapse. It’s really painful drudging up all of the old stuff but after suppressing it for so long, there was just so much to work through…

“I’ve gotten comfortable in my own skin and actually enjoy being around myself so I don’t have this desperate need to be with somebody like I always had.”

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Kelly’s favorite podcasts (in addition to The Bubble Hour!) include: Sober Curious, Soberful, The UnRuffled, Alcohol-Free Life, and Recovery Happy Hour

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