The Bubble Hour S9E16 Nicole Cameron

Nicole has overcome great losses and built a life full of joy, but it was not an easy path to arrive where she is today. Grief was all too present in her life, even as a child. Nicole was just 11 when her mother died unexpectedly. Then, as newlyweds, Nicole and her husband suffered multiple pregnancy losses. Though she didn’t necessarily see alcohol use as a coping strategy, her dysfunctional drinking patterns escalated throughout her teen years and into adulthood as life became more and more complicated.

Nicole is now 13 years sober and her passion is to help others develop the skills to change the direction of their lives. She says, “My mission is simple. I help successful people create change. Change in their stories, change in narrative, and change in their relationship with themselves, others and substance, by providing solutions in healing their worth, practicing self compassion, living into core values, identifying character strengths and creating healthy and positive thought life.” 

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