The Bubble Hour S8E48 Darcy’s Story

Darcy noticed she was becoming increasingly reliant on alcohol to relax after her twin boys were born. Then came the double trauma of a miscarriage followed by a devastating decision to end another ill-fated pregnancy. 

Darcy tried to push through her emotions, carrying on with her job and meeting the demands of parenting her young sons. She began using alcohol to cope, and the progression took off. She began to question her own value and when she wondered if her family might be better off without her, she knew it was time to ask for help.

After some time of being alcohol-free, as well as a joyfully successful pregnancy, Darcy contemplated moderation and found that her drinking returned to previous patterns. It was alarming and quick.

Soon she was back in care and determined to do whatever it might take to be free of the hold that alcohol had over her.

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